Sunday, July 12, 2020

Grothman's Greatest Hits acquire rare viral-viral doublet

Clown car driver and soon-to-be-the senior-WI GOP Congressman Glenn Grothman's mask-free coughing fit 
at the mostly mask-free party convention in Green Bay Saturday has racked Internet views usually reserved for people skiing naked down Mt. Everest.

The Journal Sentinel notes:
The video of Grothman's coughing spell has been widely shared online, attracting more than 3 million views and catching the attention of his colleague, Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan, of Wisconsin's second district.
And remember, 180,311 Wisconsinites voted for Grothman in the 2018 general election, for the record.

Glenn has compiled quite an archive of memorable news releases, opinions and claims which have received lesser attention, but his unintentional public service announcement (PSA) a) about how few qualifications there really are for serving in Congress - and also b) about how people with both a heart and brain were masks in a viral pandemic - suggest this is the right time to gather a few links that help fill out the Congressman's profile:

1. Welfare bribes lazy parents to avoid work

2. "No" on pandemic relief bill because of paid family-leave provision. (Also, see 1, above)

3. Kwanzaa is awful, and almost no black people care about it.

4. Get rid of weekends off. (Also see 1, 2, above)

5. Caulk will fix well cracks during 35-years of open-pit mine blasting.

6. Gals' don't like working, among other 'thoughts.' (Also see 1, 2, and 4, above.

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