Thursday, July 30, 2020

WI's in CDC COVID "red zone." WI GOP pols in mask hysteria zone.

Props to the Racine Journal Times for interviewing legislators pro-and-con about the Evers masking order which is aimed at tamping down runaway virus caseloads 

as school buildings are set to reopen.

A few nuggets of GOP crazy talk:

* "Dictator Gov. Evers...I am enraged...I am irate." State Rep. Cody Horlacher-Mukwonago

* "Illegal and unnecessary ...a political stunt." State Sen. Steve Nass- Whitewater.

* "Wisconsin should be touting that we are beating the virus...." State Sen. Chris Kapenga-Delafield. 

Wait, what?

We are beating the virus?

Wisconsin just reported it's second-highest daily positive case count since the pandemic struck.
Wisconsin officials reported more than 1,000 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, when Gov. Tony Evers announced that a statewide mask requirement will take effect this weekend.
Eight more state residents were killed by the disease, Department of Health officials said, bringing the overall toll to 919.
The increase of 1,059 positive tests is the second-most in a day since the pandemic began, behind the record of 1,117 on July 21. Confirmed cases now total 52,108.
Which is why Wisconsin is on the CDC's "red-zone" list of states with spiking cases.
Read the Latest Federal Report on States’ Response to the Virus 
Download the original document (pdf) 
Let's read more in a release from Kapenga's office which adds has fresh assertions, twists and bombast:
"This power grab should disturb Wisconsinites as our out of touch governor continues to try and force submission to the heavy hand of government...
"Even though positive tests are increasing, the number of people getting sick from the virus is minimal, and there is currently little threat to our hospital systems...
"Perhaps if we printed the Wisconsin Constitution on a facemask, the governor would finally understand the concept of separation of powers and actually attempt to work with the legislative branch.”
Image of Chris Kapenga
Rep. Chris Kapenga


Lester Pines said...

The cultists masquerading as legislators have had months to suggest a plan to control infections from the virus and have done nothing. They do only what their cult leader does: Trump does nothing; they do nothing. It is not worth the time to even read what they say. It is all nonsense. The is no constitutional right to put your neighbors at risk for disease or death.

Anonymous said...

The state GOP is a disgusting group of clowns. Reading the JS story and having to listen to Alberta talk about local control, yet she was one of the main drivers behind taking away control from localities. I am convinced the the Wis GOP is by far the dumbest group of politicians ever assembled. Oh wait, they aren't assembled because they are too lazy to meet. Evers tried to get them to meet and they refused. When is the media going to call out this worthless group of people who are sucking a full paycheck, benefits, and pension from the taxpayers for working a couple weeks out of the year??? I will tell you, the JS and Wis State Journal will not, because they are backing these fools.