Friday, July 17, 2020

Institute named for late-GOP Senator rates Sen. Ron Johnson performance "F"

Indiana's non-partisan Lugar Institute gives the Senate committee 'run' by cold-hearted and unofficial state embarrassment Ron Johnson

an "F" rating, and the story brings into focus what we in Wisconsin have known and suffered through for ten years:
The Life and Adventures of Ron Johnson: His Journey Through “Multiple Untruths” to the Fable of Obamagate
The Lugar Center is a fairly recent addition of the sort of traditional institute in Washington that prevailed before Donald Trump. Its mission is to advance an internationalist foreign policy, “bipartisan governance,” and bring together experts to “bridge ideological divides.” It was founded by one of the last of the moderate Republicans, Richard G. Lugar, the late U.S. senator from Indiana, who once seemed to define the mainstream of a now bygone party, in the forefront of legislation to curb nuclear proliferation, but was purged in a brutal primary, losing to a Tea Party candidate who declared rape that resulted in a pregnancy was a “gift from God.”
On May 27, the Lugar Center released its first comprehensive Congressional Oversight Hearing Index, an in-depth study of the due diligence of every committee of the House of Representatives and the Senate in holding the executive branch accountable, concluding with a grade for each committee. “If a House or Senate committee is failing to meet historical standards, because of partisan bias, the inattention of the committee chair, or any other reasons, the COHI will illuminate that shortfall,” the Center stated. While many committees received high grades, the lowest grade—an “F” for failure—was awarded to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The report observed that the committee previously had been “one of the most active in the Senate,” but that its hearing schedule had “fallen dramatically.” On the Lugar Center’s carefully considered Bell Curve, the committee was at rock bottom and its chairman had flunked. 
RoJo's disinterest in real homeland security, as opposed to an habitual Donald Trump suck-up, has been noted often on this blog.  
Top Homeland Security US Sen. not interested in homeland insecurity details

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