Monday, October 14, 2019

Att'n. media. Lay off Ron Johnson; there's too much there there.

Ron Johnson is right: As he wrote in an op-ed for The Hill. biased media won't ask Democrats tough questions.

So good on him for pointing out how it's unfair to be confronted on "Meet the Press"

 - - whose invitation to appear he accepted - -  with really daunting, partisan queries like, "can we please answer the question I asked you....?" about first-hand knowledge of minor matters like truth-telling about alleged Presidential law-breaking and extortion?

Though a question about some wording in his op-ed for The Hill begs this question: Were these lines dictated by Donald Trump, or does the staffer who wrote or signed off them still have a taxpayer-paid job? 
The fact that Donald Trump fearlessly and pugnaciously challenged media bias helped him secure the Republican nomination and continues to deepen the support he enjoys among his base. His supporters also sympathize with what he has had to endure since the day he was elected.
And here's a related question: The response on "Morning Joe:" Best analysis, or best analysis ever?

Co-host Joe Scarborough called out Johnson’s “sniveling, quisling-like performance” before throwing to Mike Barnicle, who said the Republican senator “appears to be very limited intellectually.”

And, golly: Look at the additional questions and subjects that might pop up anytime Johnson opens his mouth for a reporter who might want to know more about an earlier time Johnson opened his mouth, like:

* How, exactly, are environmentalist activists jihadis and Stalinists?

* And on a related matter: How is it that sunspots cause climate change?

* Can you give an example of why you said Ayn Rand's writing was "foundational," was this an original thought balloon or were you channeling Paul Ryan at the time, and if Obamacare is "the greatest assault on our freedom in my lifetime," where does 9/11 fit in? 

* And a follow-up question? We know that Russian election meddling in 2016 was not the greatest assault on our freedom in your lifetime because you said it was "overblown," but speaking of Russia, can you provide us with a fuller account of your July 4th trip to Russia?

* One more follow-up, please? Since you received the 4th largest reported amount of funding for the 2016 elections from the NRA, and it's become known that the NRA was a conduit for Russian influence and financing, according to some people you work with every day - - a US Senate committee controlled by your party - - can you give us a fuller account of your July 4th trip to Russia?

* And, again, on the matter of freedom, you told a high school class that access to health care was a privilege and not a right because government in America is only obligated to guarantee freedom, not things like health and housing. So what about food? Privilege, or right? Oh, sorry, you already said food was a privilege, too. My bad.

* Was failing to notify the police of an alleged sexual assault against one of your own staff members the best way to deter such offenses? (Spoiler alert: No.)

* Was a television station's recent deleting some of your words "for grammar," as it explained, your idea, and/or a good one?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Great work, and Dems need to pound Russian Ronnie even harder. He's in on the coverup because he is clearly implicated in how NRA/Russia interfered in 2016.

Maynard McKillen said...

If some news program manages to get Russian Ron in front of a camera, they should simply continue asking him questions to lay bare the depth of his ignorance and incompetence. Ask and ask and ask...
Keep the fool talking and keep interrupting any talking point or meme he attempts to repeat until he accidentally tells some compromising truth.
HE's THAT dense. It WILL happen. He HAS things to hide. Then set the FBI on him, and the Senate Ethics Committee, and an independent investigator.
Johnson is proof positive that all candidates for public office should undergo a psych-eval to weed out sociopaths, narcissists, psychopaths, co-dependent-personality types and those who simply lack the cognitive ability and social/civic skill sets necessary to serve, because they are incapable of acting for the wellbeing of others. In addition, Senators and Reps should be required to conduct monthly Town Hall meetings in state.
One persistent problem with the Senate is that members are too far removed from more immediate accountability for their votes, for their anti-social ideologies, for bald-faced servitude to corporations and one-percent agendas, and for the idiotic rationales they utter.

Boxer said...

Right on, Maynard McKillen and James Rowen.

These written "testimonies"--ahem, question-free partisan rantings--give him and Trump an easy off.