Thursday, November 14, 2019

WI's Great Lakes' diversion record aired unfavorably in Canada

I've noted Wisconsin's repetitive approvals for diversions of Great Lakes water,
Lake Michigan gale
Milwaukee shoreline, Lake Michigan 
and one Canadian water conservationist's complaints about that has hit media there.
Ontario, Quebec should be represented on IJC water compact
While the complainant does confuse the Waukesha and Racine-for-Foxconn diversion approvals, he's right about a) our state's diversion-happy record, and b) his observation that Canada - - (despite earlier objections) - - has virtually no say in how Great Lakes waters shared with the US can be diverted by US states because the overarching US-Canadian Great Lakes Compact as written assigns Canadian provinces an advisory role only.

And if Canadians don't like this part of Scott Walker's legacy, imagine if he'd gotten to build the US-Canada wall he promoted during his mercifully brief 2015 Presidential campaign flop. 
The Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said on Sunday that building a wall on the US northern border with Canada was “a legitimate issue for us to look at”.

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