Friday, November 29, 2019

Media friends: Here's a Black Friday 'sales' reporting idea

To ever so-slightly balance the massive buy-buy-buy reporting that passes for news, is there a reporter or assignment editor out there who would take on this easy task?

Pick a half-dozen brand name items pitched at say, three brick-and-mortar mainline stores which have online ordering, too.

Track the advertised prices daily through the New Year's holiday.

Publish the results so we could see whether 'sales' are really sales, or just marketing.

And then take a look and see if the same items are advertised a month or two later, and at what prices.

And, yes, I know these 'sales' began weeks ago, and coupons perhaps create lower prices on given days, and items get relabeled after real or imagined upgrades, or disappear completely, but can any news operation take a shot at providing some authentic consumer-news-you-can-use?

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