Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ron Johnson submits to fresh flogging on Trump's behalf

I continue to be baffled that Ron Johnson goes back on network newsmaker TV programs to get his weekly flogging, as Newsweek reports Sunday:
GOP Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson was caught in a hypocritical accusation Sunday morning on NBC News after being challenged on a pre-2016 election quote that he would support the impeachment of Hillary Clinton should she be elected president the week after.
Sure, he's raising his media profile, but to what end? I don't subscribe to that 'there's no such thing as bad publicity' school of thought. 

Go ahead and Google 'Houston Astros/sign stealing.' Or 'Jim Jordan/Peter Welch.' Or 'Prince Andrews/Joel Epstein.'

Yet Johnson went back on "Meet the Press" today to get lit up again?
Chuck Todd Confronts GOP Senator: You Blame ‘Everybody’ but Trump on Ukraine Scandal

Did getting his self-interested pet tax bill change into Trump's big giveaway come with strings that long and tight?

When Johnson ran in 2010 in his first campaign against Feingold (and was re-elected in a 2016 rematch), I figured the job the Right had assigned him was taking down a liberal Democrat and then more or less being a place-holding tool serving big business as needed.

A sort of Bob Kasten 2.0.

But as it becomes clearer and clearer that Trump-the uber-top-down manager was directing the Ukrainian shakedown from his preferred perch above the law, it looks like Johnson is headed for more longer-lasting notoriety than a Kastenesque asterisk would convey,

But ask yourself: even if Johnson's wants to his legacy to read 'Was Leading Trump Apologist,' is it in Wisconsin's interest to have its senior Senator so openly embracing a renegade President facing the disgrace of impeachment, and perhaps and additional scandalous revelations, even indictments, as time goes on?

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