Monday, June 10, 2019

Pro-Foxconn diversion ruling weakens Great Lakes Compact

The Great Lakes Compact and the regional water oversight it was intended to strengthen has just taken a serious hit.

Very regrettable that a Wisconsin administrative law judge - - not an elected positionn - - judge has approved the state's green light to run Foxconn manufacturing operation with diverted Lake Michigan water.
On the shoreline

More, here.

This adds to Wisconsin's growing diversion scorecard and really weakens the Great Lakes Compact - - a multi-state, US and Canadian water management and conservation agreement -- but which now has a judge's OK to use diverted Lake Michigan water to give one jurisdiction in the region an economic advantage and award a single private entity access to a two-nation, eight-state shared and finite resource intended to be overseen principally to protect public health and safety.

If Foxconn's private interest is now equated to the region's public interest and if repeated washing and cleaning flat-panel LCD screens which eats up a lot of water that never returns to Lake Michigan are declared public purposes, a hole has been blown in the Great Lakes Compact through bigger deals will make Foxconn's seven millions daily draw little more than a sip.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy Stepp reorganized the DNR so that those of us in one division have no idea what is going on in another. I appreciate your blog for keeping me informed on what is going on within the agency I work for