Monday, November 25, 2019

Sore-losing KY Republicans imitating WI GOP's lame-duck lousiness

Outbreak of WI-cultured rot spotted in Kentucky, which makes sense because that's where it's leading GOP politician had been released it.

Wisconsin GOP pols with their lame-duck 

and continuing obstruction of Gov. Evers after he defeated Scott Walker, were following the 'block-everything' barriers which KY GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell erected against President Obama.

And now the GOP-run KY legislature is following the WI GOP's power-stripping moves with similar post-defeat imperious strong-arming of that state's duly-elected Democratic Governor.

Bill would strip Kentucky governor’s power to name state Transportation Secretary
GOP cheaters have figured out that they can win even after losing, because to them, democracy is just molding clay to be remade in their own image as the situation requires. 

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