Friday, November 8, 2019

Waiting for VosGerald outrage over the Holiday tree

[10 p.m. Update: my blog about Evers' 'Holiday tree' which posted about noon Friday, and by 5 p.m., the AP indeed underscored my lede predicting GOP legislators "are not going to like it" with a classy quote from GOP Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald.
Republican Scott Fitzgerald, the state Senate majority leader and a 2020 congressional candidate, tweeted that Evers' move was "'PC' garbage. It's a Christmas Tree (sic)."
Gov. Evers announced Friday the theme for this year's Capitol rotunda holiday tree, and the resident GOP science enemies who have gerrymandered themselves into permanent legislative space there are not going to like it:
Madison - - Gov. Tony Evers has announced the theme for the 2019 State Capitol Holiday Tree. Each year, students from around the state are invited to make ornaments to hang on the holiday tree that is displayed in the Rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol. In a letter to teachers across the state, Gov. Evers announced the theme for this year is “Celebrate Science.”  
“I first began my career as a science teacher in Baraboo, so I know how important science is to the future of our state,” said Gov. Evers. “From computer science to dairy science, to clean water and natural resources, to sustainability and renewable energies, this year we want students to make holiday ornaments that celebrate what science means to them, their families, and their communities.”                                                             
Here's why:

* For one thing, Fitzgerald and Vos don't recognize Evers as the Governor. 

In their one-dimensional, one-party world, Evers has about much right to stick a tree which Vos and Fitzgerald will see every day into the New Year as does Adam Schiff.

Maybe they can throw together a Constitutional ban to short-circuit this latest Evers' felony.

And a science theme this year? Undoing all that Republican hard work these previous eight years undermining, deleting and otherwise trashing science wherever it had reared its truth-and-knowledge ugly head?

What's next? Will the legislative heavy lifting to keep rural water taps running brown so the special interest donations now flowing the GOP's way stay bright green, or be sacrificed in the name of fake science, or 'science?' 

Where will this stop?

Does Ron Johnson have to retract his sunspots dissertation? Will the gun-violence 'experts' get their way and take away freedoms conferred by Republicans which allow carrying a concealed handgun into the Assembly's portions of the State Capitol? 

* Worse: if you use a tree - - and, sneakily, a pretty one, at that - - to call attention to stupid science, curious kids and other people with a Google machine may stumble on the trove of nerdy forest 'facts' that various pointy-heads have splashed across the Internet.

Like this steaming pant load:
Forest ecosystems across the Northwoods will face direct and indirect impacts from a changing climate over the 21st century. This assessment evaluates the vulnerability of forest ecosystems in the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province of northern Wisconsin and western Upper Michigan under a range of future climates. Information on current forest conditions, observed climate trends, projected climate changes, and impacts to forest ecosystems was considered in order to assess vulnerability to climate change. 
Upland spruce-fir, lowland conifers, aspen-birch, lowland-riparian hardwoods, and red pine forests were determined to be the most vulnerable ecosystems. White pine and oak forests were perceived as less vulnerable to projected changes in climate. 
These projected changes in climate and the associated impacts and vulnerabilities will have important implications for economically valuable timber species, forest-dependent wildlife and plants, recreation, and long-term natural resource planning.
You see wy Wisconsin Republicans have to stand strong in the face of the fake science perpetrators, like the way Scott Walker did so bravely a few years on the world stage
Scott Walker 'punts' on evolution in London
* Finally, Republicans will find it totally unacceptable that something so dismissively called a 'Holiday tree' is actually a direct slap by humbugging lame-stream politicians at what the symbol really stands for.
So if Vos and Fitzgerald want to lead on behalf of that truth, I'm all for it.  

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Katrina said...

The Assembly introduced a resolution to recognize the week of Thanksgiving as Bible Week. That's pretty disgusting.