Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Walker's partisan fiscal rant overlooks Trump/GOP's willful mismanagement

Scott Walker expressing concern about the national debt is like Trump pretending to be an environmentalist.

You'd think that savvy Republicans would disassociate themselves from the skyrocketing federal deficits in the Trump era - -
The U.S. deficit hit $984 billion in 2019, soaring during Trump era
The deficit grew $205 billion, or 26 percent, in the past year.
The country’s worsening fiscal picture runs in sharp contrast to President Trump’s campaign promise to eliminate the federal debt within eight years. The deficit is up nearly 50 percent in the Trump era 
- - especially since once-upon-a-time Republicans routinely pretended to be fiscal conservatives.

None of this bothers Trump's Wisconsin re-election chair Scott Walker, as he took to Twitter on Nov. 25th to faux-fret about what Sen. Warren's Medicare-for-All program might do to debt which Trump and allies like Paul Ryan have ballooned.

“This is the same government that currently has a $23 trillion debt..."
And speaking about FUBAR economic financial planning, how are those damaging Foxconn subsidies looking, now?

Study: Foxconn subsidies could smother billions in future WI development

Officials seen burying economic growth alongside Mt. Pleasant budgets.

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Maynard McKillen said...

It is beyond hypocrisy that Walker dares to utter a single peep about economic and fiscal matters. His comment is, of course, not any expression of his own thoughts, or education, or knowledge, or experience (He has none), but a talking point prepared by his handlers. Walker himself has no grasp of economics or finance, or good governance. His slavish devotion to one-percent interests while dis-serving as "governor" of Wisconsin made that clear.

This selective and sporadic "interest" in economics and finance serves the goggle-eyed homunculus' hopes to regain some public office. He may run against Baldwin, perhaps even Evers, after he has been re-invented as, and this is laughable in the extreme, some specie of elder statesman. His repeated failures will be whitewashed, FoxCon among them.

But the sheer stupidity of the man, and the sheer incompetence, and the sheer sociopathic malevolence, have run their course in the Wisconsin political scene. The one-percent conceits he misrepresented have left the state economy sluggish, left manufacturing wages lower here than in surrounding states, have left state roads in paltry condition, have diminished the standing and reputation of the UW-System. But the states' one-percenters are wealthier, and more free than ever to despoil the state at will.

Recall that before this FoxCon fiasco there were other "economic development" disasters that Walker and the GOP legislative majority foisted on the Badger State taxpayer: Kestrel Aviation, in Superior, and Gogebic Taconite in the Northern Counties. Kestrel took the money, taxpayer money, and in return...

Ask Mr. Walker how he resolved that failure and turned this trickle-down dream...into a success story! Then watch the malevolent buffoon sputter and spout incoherence until his handlers slip him a deflecting reply.

Gogebic Taconite was a repeat performance in trying to sell Wisconsinites a simple, "Big Idea" job-creating development scheme. And tell us how many jobs that created, Mr. Walker...

Walker and the GOP legislative majority are ideologically constipated. It leaves them ahistorical, spouting numerous conceits that these "economic development" ploys, and their own open collusion with corporate and one-percent interests, serve the long-term best interests of ordinary Wisconsinites.

What utter bullshit. Much of that bullshit was spouted by Koch-puppet Scott Walker.

Sane legislators who are public servants already know the formula for wise use of taxpayer monies to spur economic growth and long-term economic strength: invest money in education at all levels, invest in infrastructure, tax the wealthy at higher rates to avoid the sequestration of capital, make the state a desirable place to live as well as work. It ain't rocket science...

The tool even tried to run for President. Remember how well ol' dead-eyed Scottie fared?

Walker and several GOP wannabe rising stars appeared before British audiences, and the British Press, in several absurd attempts to prove these provincial yokels and ideological idiots had the brains and the chops to deal with foreign affairs. Walkers' own appearance, at Chatham House, was a risible failure. It cemented his unsuitability for the office his handlers wanted to control.

Chatham House is an International Affairs think tank in London. You'd show up there anticipating questions guessed it...foreign affairs. Those questions were the ones Walker dodged. Let that sink in. Don't let the irony clobber you senseless...

So, no, nothing Scott Walker spouts has any credibility or basis in fact. He is a tool, and a pathetic, sociopathic, cheating, corrupt, lying tool at that.