Saturday, November 16, 2019

State Sen. Nass, (R-Snowflake), excuses himself from doing his job

Robin Vos's Milquetoast caucus just picked up another snowflake,

as did the GOP leaders' 'Won't'-Do-Their-Job-Club.' 

Using a fresh 'No!' to underscore a repetitive WI Republican 'talking point' is Whitewater GOP State Sen. Steve Nass, who is refusing to convene a hearing on Gov. Evers' nomination of a chairman for the Wisconsin Labor and Industry Review Commission.

Why? Because Nass found out that Gov. Evers had used profanity to describe GOP legislators who have spent the the last year hacking away at gubernatorial authority, nominations, budget proposals and other powers and procedures routinely exercised by previous governors.

Apparently, Nass takes colorful, idiomatic speech way-too-literally.

So now you know: never suggest to Nass that he keep his eyes peeled or his nose to the grindstone.

And remember, that this is not the first time that Nass has used his committee chairmanship to play partisan games at the expense of people who might appear at a hearing where he has room for authoritarian maneuvering.
GOP ends right-to-work hearing early, enraging unions
And, or dear me, 'profanities' appear to have played a role.
Dozens of people in the hearing room who had waited hours to speak leapt to their feet, shouting profanities. Nass called a vote on the bill over the din, but it was impossible to hear the roll over chants of “Shame!” 

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JB said...

Steve Nass doesn’t have a history of doing his job — he mostly leaves it to Mike Mikalsen, as far as I can tell.