Thursday, November 14, 2019

R. Kleefisch joins 'right-to-work' outfit

The Right in Wisconsin takes care of its own. Or should I say, continues in her case.
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch (cropped).jpg
Note a story not getting enough discussion, though it has implications for 2022 WI gubernatorial maneuvering. Heads up, Robin Vos.
Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is joining the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin as its jobs ambassador, a role promoting careers in the construction trades.
ABC describes itself in an op-ed worth the read
That is why we at Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin promote merit-shop construction....
This is why we at the ABC of Wisconsin support right-to-work laws, and oppose discriminatory union-only project-labor agreements and anti-competitive price fixing (prevailing wages). And in that open competition, union and non-union firms can (and often do) work together to deliver safe, high-quality construction projects.
Others out-of-work Wisconsin Republicans finding recent soft landings from Rightist friends include Sean Duffy, Brad Schimel, Scott Walker...


Anonymous said...

How can we love you more?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

ABC Supply = Diane Hendricks.

Oconomowoc Barbie knows who to suck up to. But she doesnt know a lot else.