Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Enabled by $$ & gerrymandering, Bucky's little dictators get bolder

3:40 p.n. update: GOP State Sen. fires Ag secretary, because it can.

A year ago Thursday I called Wisconsin's GOP legislative leaders "little dictators" as they put their secretly-crafted power-grabbing bills on a fast-track to the defeated Walker's veto-free signature.

Their Machiavellian, rule-changing mission? 

Stripping traditional authority from the duly-elected Democratic Gov, Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul - - and keeping Wisconsin a one-party safe haven for:

Big business and the corporate donor class;

Special interests;

Fecal pollution;

Self-serving and unsustainable Foxconning;

* GOP 'principles' like voter suppression, rock-bottom minimum wages, dangerous, road-builder-friendly highway expansion instead of transit ;

* And, above all, Donald Trump's re-election.

Scott Walker says he will chair Trump's Wisconsin re-election campaign
Fitzgerald aligns with Trump when announcing Congressional bid
The Journal Sentinel today updates this out-in-this-open putrid partisanship: 
Wisconsin Senate to reject Gov. Tony Evers' ag secretary and try to limit his vetoes
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
WI GOP Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald can ride his hostility towards Democratic office-holders to a Congressional win and closer proximity to a) key funders, and b) Congressional and lobbying power-brokers like Mitch McConnell who spent years boxing-in Barack Obama with a repetitive strategy of "no" and related partisan hackery.

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Boxer said...

Yes. Because none of them has had an original thought. Let the Koch bros, ALEC and Trump's flying monkeys do their thinking for them.