Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Evers can't play in Scott and Robin's clubhouse

Scott and Robin's clubhouse sports a shiny new new yard sign again shouting 'NO'  - - this time to Gov. Evers and the state's electorate.

To understand why they have no intention of ever saying yes tp 'won't you be my neighbor,' I recommend an insightful column by veteran State Capitol watcher Steve Walters in which explains that GOP leaders Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos fired Evers' ag secretary Brad Pfaff to teach the new Governor a thing or two about the Legislature.
The vote fired Pfaff and sent Evers this blunt message: You don’t see the Legislature as an equal branch of government; you never served in it, and don’t know how it works. But Republicans control the Legislature.
In other words, the legislature is Scott and Robin's clubhouse, and they have a solemn duty to remind Evers that he will forever remain at the door and on probation.

So he better a) learn all their association's secret handshakes, arcane, even unwritten traditions, pliable rules and b) be ready when hit up to pay the tribunes their demanded tribute.

Until then, Evers gets a time out and state farmers failing in jaw-dropping numbers can go suck lemons, to reprise a Wisconsin Republican 'principle.'

That essence of Scott and Robin Preeminence Power Manual, their 'How-To' about Legislative process and priorities and pecking order, has been captured in their short video, here.

Two more points to remember:

* The people of the state decided that Evers, not Walker was to Governor through January, 2021 no matter how many times Scott and Robin meltdown or scheme to undo that fact.

* And while Scott and Robin demand that Evers show them respect, don't ever forget that they denied it to the legislator Jimmy Anderson, because, you know, he's a Democrat whom they claim had committed the political sin which Robin and Scott would never have been flaunting for a year and openly on the public stage:


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