Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Trump uses impeachment hearings to further demean women

Trump has bragged about assaulting women, and repeatedly slams women he thinks have wronged him.

This Time post put a fine point on it even before the impeachment hearings began:
Trump's Treatment of Women Was His Original Abuse of Power
Now he's continuing the misogyny on the taxpayer's (including women's) dime to further degrade women who dare speak truth to his power:

* First on the phone with Ukrainian President Zelensky to undermine and degrade US Amb. Marie Yovanovitch, the senior female among all US Ambassadors:
"The woman is bad news."
* Then today during impeachment testimony, via Twitter, with an embarrassing projection designed to undermine and degrade the most senior member of the US House of Representatives and highest-ranking elected woman in the government:
Official photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019.jpg
President Trump on Speaker Pelosi: "The woman's highly overrated. The woman is highly incompetent."

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