Friday, November 22, 2019

RoJo's office Thesaurus is FUBAR. Which is not serendipitous.

Senator Dimbulb von Putin Pal

says finding himself waist-deep in Trump's ethically-stained quicksand is "serendipity."
By 'serendipity,' GOP senator lands in middle of impeachment saga, as witness and potential juror
It's Johnson's word.

But remember, we are told, the word connotes fortune and good luck, and sprang from a fairy tale, so perhaps it's accurate, given the accidental nature of Trump's election and Johnson's first run for the Senate based on what the TV told him to do when the Fox Channel was on.

In his own words.

Serendipity...for Trump...sure: What defendant wouldn't want a bestsy patsy-pal on the jury?

But for Johnson, serendipity? Really?

Ask Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, George Papadopolous, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, the two Russian-American dopey-dupes-and-their-leader Rudy Giuliani how happy/serendipitous are their Trump-scripted-codas?

I believe Johnson meant 'stupidity.'

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Anonymous said...

You can't spell serendipity without the "dip".

Even you must admit that many people think RoJo is a dip.

To be precise, many people think RoJo dip$#*+