Friday, November 8, 2019

SW WI County Board: don't go Trumpian on media, Constitution

Attention, Lafayette County, WI Board Supervisors and committee members:

Just because Trump is stepping all over media and the Constitution doesn't mean you should follow his lead.
In an apparent effort to crack down on media coverage of an ongoing water quality study in southwest Wisconsin, a Lafayette County board committee will consider a resolution that severely restricts reporting on study results.
Among the provisions of the resolution is a requirement that that any news release would include the statement, “Please do not alter, edit, cut or adjust this press release in any way. Please print the content provided in full.”
The resolution continues, “Violators will be prosecuted.”
I'm sure this is headed for the shredder. At least, one hopes. 

So, local officials: Please consult with any attorney not named Rudy Guiliani. 

And then can get on with the task at hand - - guaranteeing fresh drinking water in Lafayette County, and statewide.

Wisconsin Land and Groundwater Association website photo

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Mary Kay said...

Printing the warning in its entirety, as you did, James Rowen, makes any authenticity of its content in real doubt. Thank you.