Friday, November 15, 2019

Entries in Foxconn 'ideas' contest fell 80% since last year

Seriously: the multi-billion dollar multinational Foxconn talked Team Walker into $4.5 billion in public subsidies - - 

From NBC Nightly News, 7/21/19
- - and sponsors an 'ideas' contest which makes $500 awards!? 

That wouldn't buy you half a new iPhone assembled in a Foxconn factory overseas.

No wonder there are fewer applicants this year.
Entries Down in Second year of Foxconn's Smart Cities Contest
The company said it received a total of 71 submissions from 20 different higher education institutions around Wisconsin. The number of entries was down dramatically from last year when Foxconn drew 325 entries for the contest.
Or if the paltry checks don't explain why the number of entrants' has dwindled, maybe reason lies in the company's planning flips and flops.

Who knows, but the fall in entries is pretty stunning.

I will add this item to my Foxconn archive, now 2.5 years old with 359 posts.

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