Saturday, November 2, 2019

Possible new group: Republicans for Shorter Lifespans

Irony and self-abasement are alive and well in Wisconsin man's Twitter feed.

And note that it takes a special kind of hypocrite to turn down $1 billion in federal funds to fully expand Medicaid health care coverage to eligible Wisconsin residents - - money which, by the way, would have brought treatment services to opioid abusers during an epidemic which took hold during the hypocrite's tenure in office  

ER Visits For Opioid Overdose Double In Wisconsin
- - to then retweet GOP propaganda critical of universal Medicare coverage.

Who might that be, and why are Republicans continuing their war against health and longevity they've been waging since the earliest attacks on Social Security and Medicare?
Check this out:
Quote Tweet
Senate Republicans
A lot of talk about Medicare for All today. Here are the facts:

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