Sunday, June 9, 2019

For Milwaukee, Vos says 'no.' With attitude.

Wisconsin is a predominantly white state with its only major city - - Milwaukee - - also having both a majority-minority population and the largest number of low-income state residents within that city's legally-frozen borders.

So why does the openly power-hungry Robin Vos

Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
Republican Assembly leader from the nearby Village of Burlington, (population about 3,600) in Racine County, so often drag down policy and the debate with a decidedly snide and punitive anti-urban (read: Milwaukee) attitude? 

* Yes, attitude

Wisconsin Assembly leader Robin Vos welcomes 'limousine liberals for DNR in Milwaukee
And when it comes to making policy and managing governmental action, does the 'rural voters are the real Wisconsinites' concept which The New York Times had explored with Vos and others after last November's elections explain, expand and reify the attitude when he:

* Says 'no' to more transit:

Vos also said he wouldn't support "putting a bunch of money into empty buses," referring to mass transit solutions to transportation woes, but would consider a plan that puts money into fixing roads and bridges.
Note that this isn't the first time that Vos has opined that the state should not dedicate transportation spending to 'social services' like transit.

And remember that Vos led the Legislature's wipeout of regional transit authorities which could have added options for better connections for Southeastern Wisconsin (again: read, Milwaukee, too) residents to jobs, including at the Foxconn project in Vos' district for which he successfully lobbied lavish subsidies and a quarter-billion road expansion serving the project and his district.

* And Vos led the state's walk-away from the federally-funded Amtrak "Hiawatha" extension to Madison, along with the loss of long-term train assembly and maintenance work in a low-income Milwaukee neighorhood, completed train sets and millions in broken-contract damages paid as a penalty to train builder Talgo.

* Or 'no' to expanding federally-funded Medicaid health coverage which serves low-income people, as as he put it recently:
* Or to repairs to lead-laden drinking water piping, where data show the need is greatest in Milwaukee, the city on which Vos recently heaped some Tweet-shaming:
 May 20
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos applauds the City of Madison for replacing all privately owned lead lateral pipes on its own, and wonders why City of Milwaukee needs a handout from state taxpayers to do the same.

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BillSell said...

Thanks, James. It's time to gang up on people who gang up on the poor. It's enough to cry to read anything about this man.