Thursday, January 15, 2015

Walker's right-to-work approach wrong for Wall Street Journal

As one of my professors used to say when remembering his days on a US Navy ship - - "there's always someone who doesn't get the word."

Today that would be The Wall Street Journal as it discovers what everyone else has known for sometime: Scott Walker is putting his run for the presidency ahead everything else even a core conservative tenet the paper holds dear, but which Walker wants to duck on the campaign trail: right-to-work legislation.

We've been looking for a better name for the union-busting, low-wage guaranteeing bill than right-to-work, since it doesn't guarantee work to anyone.

We've seen "wage theft," for example, but now since Walker is making the matter all about his himself and his campaign's positioning, maybe it's the "Walker's-right-to-campaign" bill?

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