Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walker's cheesy, boring speech

OK: I am now prepared to weigh in on biggest phony political non-event of the new year - - Scott Walker's State of His Next Campaign Speech Aimed At Supporters and Donors.

His big wup of the night besides carrying on like he'd seen his first Packers' game the Sunday before, sending coded messages to Iowa Tea Party voters was defending the French who do not need his assistance was state government agency consolidation - - and there's been speculation that one pesky agency which offers a modicum of public input and oversight is on his list because it gets in the way of his authoritarian preferences.

I've participated in several such organization chart shuffles at the City of Madison and City of Milwaukee. Trust me, generally, except for the bureaucrats and pols at the top who can gain more power, and elsewhere who may lose titles and/or primo offices, reorganization has little fiscal or policy value to the everyday citizens.

There will be real news made when he takes time off the presidential campaign trail to announce his budget.

But here's a freebie from me based on what Walker served up:

Yes - - merge the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, (WEDC), and Wisconsin Housing Economic Development Authority, (WHEDA). 

Then drop a few words and capital letters and announce WICHEDA - - Wisconsin Consortium for Housing Economic Development Authority - -  and offer it with a thick wedge of Wisconsin cheese.
If you don't, I'll trademark it.

You're welcome.

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