Friday, January 9, 2015

Walker claims property tax savings, wildly overstates it

Inured yet to this dynamic that continues to degrade and diminish politics in Wisconsin?

Step one. Walker makes a self-serving claim: this time, its that the average property taxpayer on his watch has saved $816.

Step two: Fact-checkers find it wrong. The real number is $141.

And you know what? Walker will just keep on keepin' on this way, as has been his practice; PolitiFact has given Walker multiple "false" ratings on claims about jobs and taxes and spending while rating only 12% of his statements as entirely true - - and some have been gimmes, like yes, there is a miner on the state flag.

He and his party have successfully devalued politics here by proving you can win elections and consolidate power and even put yourself out there as Presidential timber without telling the truth very often.

Walker has shown that all you need to do is project a rosy, faith-based certitude while raising big money and leaning on a spin machine that furthers the fiction that Walker spins as fact.

Thank goodness for the distractions.

Go Packers. Beat the Cowboys.

Walker 2016.


CJ said...

That's just three dollars less than the new per diem of $138. But that's for each day, not once a year.

Anonymous said...

How can you complain about this? Have you seen the massive price increases in pig feed?

The same inflation that is making pork more expensive demands that our legislature gets a massive raise too.

Anonymous said...

Any of us who pay property taxes could tell you that was a lie. We have had savings but only due to our home evaluation being decreased over the past few years and not because of anything Walker has done.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Also not mentioned by Politi-"fact"- any property tax reduction is largely due to a $400 million a year giveaway by Walker /WisGOP which has not been paid for. And now it's led to our deficits for this year, as well as the next budget.

Anonymous said...

My property taxes went up again this year, on a paltry $100k house. Yes, the Reforms are working. {sigh}