Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walker-chaired agency to be bothered by first meeting since August

That would be the State Building Commission, to be specific, though its chairman, Scott Walker, may be headed to California for the same kind of presidential politicking that caused the Commission's last meeting to be scrubbed for his convenience.

No doubt Walker is getting pretty peeved at all these distractions from job #1, which is his presidential dreaming'.

Speeches, meetings, document signings or votes where an autopen or a Rebecca Kleefisch just will not cut it...what's a fella to do?

If the purportedly fiscally-austere Walker is at the meeting he might have to answer questions from lawmakers and media about the status of a pending plan on the Commission's desk to build in Madison a $197 million palace for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at the same time the agency does not have the funds to build  hundreds of millions of dollars of new roads and lanes.

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