Saturday, January 17, 2015

Top Walker appointee says you don't need all that information

Scott Walker's Department of Administration secretary Mike Huebsch says local office holders and neighbors don't need to worry their pretty little heads about whom he's selected to build on Madison's west side the most expensive state office building in history.

$197 million about to be spent by these purportedly fiscal conservatives on new palatial digs principally for the State Department of Transportation.

That's the state agency in servitude to the road-builders under Walker which is set is to spend, separately, hundred million dollars it doesn't yet have on new so-called freeway lanes and ramps where fewer miles will be driven by an aging population and millennials who prefer transit to expensive private car purchase, operation and maintenance.

Call it all some Walker/Huebsch road-building hocus-pocus on top of their office building planning hide-and-seek.

Huebsch hasn't gotten this much publicity since getting holding his pension-boosting Cabinet-level position since his halcyon State Assembly days representing West Salem - - wait for it - - when he and then-State Rep. Walker went after a Wiccan chaplain employed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections whom Huebsch said was using too much hocus-pocus:

A state representative--from, of all places, West Salem--is leading a drive to yank funding for [Rev. Jamyi] Witch's $32,500-a-year post, saying taxpayers "shouldn't be forced to accept this hocus-pocus." 
Two other lawmakers have joined him in outrage; one called Witch's appointment "morally dangerous." 
Meanwhile, callers have swamped the prison switchboard, the state Legislature and radio talk shows with pro-Witch or anti-Witch tirades. And they've contacted the new chaplain directly too: One day she came home to 76 phone messages and 432 e-mails.
"It's been off the Richter scale," state Rep. Scott Walker, a Republican who is lobbying to boot Witch from her post, said with a sigh...
Stung by the brouhaha that Witch's appointment has stirred, the warden at Waupun [prison] declined requests for interviews. Last month, however, he defended Witch as the best of nearly a dozen candidates he had interviewed--with the character to do the job well. "Jamyi is an outstandingly approachable person, somebody that I wouldn't mind approaching on spiritual matters myself," Warden Gary McCaughtry told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

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