Tuesday, January 13, 2015

State speech obligation distracts Walker from presidential run tasks

As I'd noted yesterday, don't keep a self-validating, talk radio burnished narcissist like Scott Walker too busy with follow-up questions after his State of the State speech tonight, as a California meeting beckons and he's got a plane to catch.
Walker will attend the Republican National Committee's winter meeting in San Diego at the end of the week, where he plans to meet with delegations from some early primary and caucus states. 
Heck, on a clear day from the State Capitol, Walker can almost see Iowa, where the Waterloo there is more important these days to Walker than is Waterloo, Wisconsin, where voters in November did their part to broaden Walker's horizons and frequent flyer mileage accounts:
The governor also plans to speak later this month at the Iowa Freedom Summit, an event held by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, and Citizens United.
You see, Walker's got a more important agenda on his mind - - his personal ambition - - than your budget deficit or stalled growth or the state's dwindling appeal and credibility - - so darn it when national exposure through a an objectively preposterous presidential campaign to smooth over all those early doubts about performance and tenacity and book-learning has to momentarily take a back seat to pesky state business - - like an annual speech back home that demands your presence and a few hours of your time.

But it can also be an opportunity, and Walker will grab it, tmulti-tasking and urning a mandatory day in Wisconsin into a national win-win.

As I wrote in November, all Walker's actions now must be seen through the lens of his presidential ambition. So - - 'right-to-work' wage theft legislation? Probably delayed, given the potential national backlash. 

Pee in a cup to get food stamps? Full speed ahead. Abortion and Voter ID restrictions? Bring them on. More tax cuts, regardless of the fiscal, service and local governmental implications? You bet. That'll show Rubio and Cruz and Jeb Bush - - and Sheldon Adelson and Rush Limbaugh - - how you turn Tea Party reflex into policy.

We're only pawns in the Wisconsin Game of One now:
Let's be clear about why Scott Walker says and does anything from now on:
His audience is national, not local. How does the curb feel, Bucky, now that Walker's not that into you?
More to the point - - Walker's audience now - - and actually since the 2007 conservative summit meeting along the shores of Lake Michigan about which the media, other than Salon.com, refuses to report - - is the hardest, rightist core of activists and voters in the Republican and Tea Parties, and their loyalties for 2016.
Constituencies, money and people power also being sought by Walker presidential rivals, like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and others.
So when Walker talks about what is an illegal and wasteful plan to drug-test public assistance recipients whom he says are loafing around playing Xbox -- - and, yes, he was clever enough to steer that dog whistle clear of the more overtly-racist tone which forced Ryan to apologize to the Congressional Black Caucus for a similar attack on allegedly-lazy inner city jobless - - Walker is talking to 2016 primary caucus voters in Waterloo, Iowa, not people living in, say, Waterloo, Wisconsin.
The same can be said for Walker's attack on unions, Planned Parenthood, minority ballot access through reduced early voting days and unneeded voter ID.
It's all about Iowa, the state, not about Wisconsin or its Iowa County anymore.

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nonquixote said...

Scooter is job hunting, the only work he has ever done, but as usual it is all about him and how he benefits. Romney? Throws a wrench in boy cabinet encounter's plans.

If not in the POTUS race this time around he will be courting corporate largess as an even more highly compensated lobbyist somewhere, throughout his whole term as "governor."