Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Say "no" to WisDOT I-94 Billion-Dollar Boondoggle

WisDOT has extended for two weeks until 1/27 the period for public comments on its proposal to expand I-94 to connect the ongoing Zoo Interchange project with the western edges of the Marquette Interchange.

Here is information about the comment procedures and related details.

Speak out and say you don't want a real-estate gobbling elevated, eight-lane, billion-dollar boondoggle built above cemeteries west of Miller Park and across the face of Story Hill.

Say you want honest data used in the planning, and that it's wrong to commit more billions to free[sic]way expansion across Southeastern Wisconsin when driving is declining and transit services in Wisconsin are scheduled for more cuts.

Read up on the issues, put a comment in your own words and send it to:
Jason Lynch, P.E., Project SupervisorWisDOT, Southeast Region141 N.W. Barstow StreetWaukesha, WI 53187jason.lynch@dot.wi.gov
Then post your comment on Facebook and Twitter.

Then recruit five friends to do the same.

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