Thursday, January 15, 2015

Records show easy Kohler Co. project access to WI DNR officials

This blog has followed for many months the controversial Kohler Co. plan to create a high-end golf course on two adjoining sites - - a company-owned 247-acre nature preserve along Lake Michigan south of Sheboygan, and also 32.5 adjoining acres of public property to be leased to the company on its terms by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, at $1/yr. for 99 years, in the very popular Kohler-Andrae State Park.

Preservationists who oppose the golf course project and an earlier plan to turn the nature preserve into a high-end vacation destination - - the opponents' website, updates, open records file and more, here - - have also obtained records about both company-proposed projects.

A selection of those records is available through a link, here. Note how unrestrained are the company's requests for land, easements, access to the state park property - - and note, too, how accommodating are some DNR personnel.

It was in these documents that the $1/yr.- 99-yr. proposed park land lease was disclosed.

No permit applications to the DNR, or, separately to the US Army Corps of Engineers, have been made, though fauna/flora surveys and test well drilling is underway on the Kohler nature preserve site in anticipation of golf course construction.

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