Sunday, January 4, 2015

No surprise: Walker's most-read PolitiFact '14 findings most often "false"

PolitiFact took a look at the ten most-read reviews of Governor and Eagle Scout Scott Walker's statements and found six had been rated "false." 

Two were "true" and two were "mostly true."

Not many people survive professionally or academically with 60-40 false-to-true ratings or evaluations, do they?

My favorite, given the spate of stories about the state's looming budget deficit, came with the kind of emphatic detail from Walker that often accompanies whoppers: 
4.  In a debate with Burke, Walker said, "The next state budget will begin with a surplus of over half a billion dollars -- $535 million to be exact." 
We rated that False. That rosy number flew in the face of the official estimate based on a long-established method used by members of both parties, and the governor’s budget office.
Four more years.



Jake formerly of the LP said...

How many of those other 4 "true or other" ratings were meaningless (I.e. "There's a miner on the state flag.") or statements that were intentionally context-free, or something questionable later proven to be BS (remember the $535 million "surplus" based on false assumptions?)

When Republi-fact has Walker with such a bad rating, it shows how completely dishonest this guy is

Anonymous said...

Habitual liar? Proven by milwaukee journal sentinel's ace reporters?

Well then walker must be their guy!

This is why they have supported him in every election cycle -- issuing a bogus "non-endorsement" endorsement last november.

No one has done more to create our divisive political environment our divisive government, and scott walker than milwaukee journal sentinel.

Though wisconsin state journal does its part too.

Anonymous said...

Good points, Jake and Anon!

Anonymous said...

Buried in on page 4A of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's print edition under "Regional Briefing" is a small snippet: "Walker, Legislature Facing Big Issues". The first bullet point is "How to plug a $2.2 Billion state budget gap". Why is that not front page news?