Saturday, January 17, 2015

Major NY Times piece about Wisconsin tar sand oil pipeline

Glad to see Enbridge Pipeline 61, the tar sand oil behemoth set for expansion the length of Wisconsin thanks to  minimalist oversight by our corporately-directed, do-next-to-nothing Wisconsin DNR is finally getting the national news treatment it needs courtesy of The New York Times.

Props to the organizers at the grassroots who have been raising awareness about the matter for a long time.

This blog has tried to help with some posts here, or here, for example; additional information has been posted about Enbridge's calamitous spill record in Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere, and the Journal Sentinel's reflexive editorial board approval of Wisconsin tar sand oil pipeline capacity without a more conscientious review by the DNR.

Use the blog search with terms such as tar sand oil, or Enbridge to find several dozen more items with links, etc.

And remember, it's Walker's pipeline.

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