Friday, January 2, 2015

For the record: Walker actually once said "compassionate"

I've noted on more than one occasion that our mono-manically ambitious Governor will tax and otherwise humiliate the poor to advance a compassion-free career agenda.

In fact, Walker's wasteful and stigmatizing proposal to remove food stamp from recipients who couldn't present a drug-free urine sample - - modeled after a wasteful and stigmatizing law in Florida already struck down by an appeals court - - just made The Washington Post's of 2014's worst policy ideas.

But I need to correct the record,  as this photocopy of a story from the Marquette University yearbook about 25 years ago actually attributes a quote to Walker that contains the word "compassionate."

He uses the word in a discussion of his evolving politics.

According to a documented review of his post-high school career, Walker lost a run for Marquette student body President in 1988 and dropped out of college in the spring of 1990. He was 34 credits, or slightly more than two semesters short of the 128 credits needed for his triple major.

Walker's campaign acknowledged his early departure from school with a 2.59 grade point average; he has steadfastly declined to release his transcript.

So let the record show that Walker did let "compassionate" slip from his lips nearly a quarter-century ago.

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