Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Deciphering Walker, man of mystery

The Journal Sentinel online has gathered and posted the most recent hints dropped by Scott Walker in his one-man game of charades about a possible run for President of The United States of America.

Actually, they're not all that surprising, coming as they do from a mind filled with mirrors:

Shouldn't be a member of Congress. Best if it's someone can multi-task - - fund-raising nationally while holding office. And who's willing to take the plunge soon.

Why not just say the best candidate, according to Scott Walker, should have a first name with five letters and more than one "t" - -  ruling out a Jeb, Rand, Rick, Chris, Marco, Ben, Ted, Newt and who also has a last name honoring GOP servitude to talk radio that rhymes with "talker."

Another obvious criteria: an infinite and embarrassment-free capacity to display full-on narcissism, who only reflects in his own reflection - - but also with a notable and singular exception:

Decipherization Hesitation.

In its compilation of clues on the Walker's scavenger hunt, the Journal Sentinel notes:

Asked if he feels called to run for president, Walker said: "Trying to decipher that."
I don't know: perhaps he went to see "The Imitation Game" but mistakes solving Enigma with being one.

Because when he was asked earlier what he would do as President with millions of immigrants who are here illegally, this was reported
...how he would resolve the problem of the estimated 12 million immigrants living in the United States illegally, he said he’d “leave that up to the people who are running for federal office or in federal office to decipher.”
Historical Thesaurus.jpg

Maybe he needs one or both of these:
Captain Midnight decoder ring


Betsy said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Apparently "decipher" came up on his word-of-the-day calendar and he hasn't turned the page since. When he gets to "douchebag", it should have a picture of him...