Friday, January 9, 2015

Big game rival fans share much in common

Dallas Cowboys' fan Chris Christie:
TRENTON — Federal prosecutors interviewed Gov. Chris Christie last month as part of the ongoing investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closure controversy, according to a published report.
The governor, who’s weighing a presidential campaign, met with prosecutors and the FBI for more than two hours, according to ABC news.
The meeting took place at the governor’s mansion in Princeton after prosecutors weighed whether to subpoena Christie to appear before a grand jury after the governor was slow to respond to their original request to an interview “months ago,” ABC reported...
The governor was accompanied by his attorney, Christopher Wray, a former chief of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

Green Bay Packers' fan Scott Walker:
Madison -- Gov. Scott Walker has hired two criminal defense attorneys and will be meeting with Milwaukee County prosecutors about the John Doe investigation into his current and former aides.
Walker said in a statement released by his campaign Friday that he will not use any public money to pay for the attorneys that he has hired ahead of a meeting with prosecutors in Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's office. Walker, who has repeatedly said he did nothing wrong, did not say when the meeting will happen. 
“Last year, my representatives voluntarily contacted Mr. Chisholm’s office to arrange a time to discuss any outstanding issues.  I will be voluntarily meeting with Mr. Chisholm,” Walker said. ”To assemble additional background information, I hired counsel to insure that I am in the best position possible to continue aiding the inquiry.”  


CJ said...

Packer fans, Bring your signs to the game. Bridgegaye, John Doe, John Doh, Union Proud, Go Pack Go, NFL Union Strong

Anonymous said...

In other words, Walker is moving the potential litigation against Chisholm forward since Walker, after years of investigation, has not been charged with so much as a municiple parking ticket.