Friday, January 16, 2015

Authoritarian GOP keeps chipping away at democracy

Republicans are not content with gerrymandering district lines, cutting early voting hours, and restricting ballot box access through unneeded voter ID laws to further their agendas and embed their partisan controls deeper in state and federal governments.

In Wisconsin from which hails current Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus, an aggressive, authoritarian GOP is also working to fire the duly-elected and popular chief justice or remove her from the chief's post through legal legerdemain, taking more votes in secret, and limiting key debate time to a half-hour allotted to Democrats in the heavily-GOP-controlled state assembly.

And now the RNC is set to limit the exposure of Republican presidential candidates in fewer debates on a shorter schedule, too.

And while the RNC pushes the TV networks around, Fox 'News' and right-wing talk radio will give GOP presidential candidates all the free and one-sided air time they need to put out their partisan messages.

Advantage GOP, at the expense of the electoral process.

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