Sunday, August 4, 2013

State Discovers New Use For Milwaukee County Grounds

Remember the Milwaukee County Grounds? Open space. Forest land. Butterfly habitat, and then, little-by-little, whittled away for 'development.'

And now, the unbelievable.

WisDOT wants 11 acres on which to crush concrete from Zoo Interchange reconstruction, reports Eddee Daniel:

This process involves trucking tremendous loads of concrete demolition debris to a mobile crushing center and then hauling it away for recycling. If approved, the operation would occupy approximately 11 acres of land on the DNR State Forest parcel, which lies between Swan Blvd. and MMSD’s west flood basin.
Remember that Brookfield didn't like the idea of Zoo Interchange fill being dumped in its backyard, either.

Is there a Wauwatosa/Brookfield/West-side-of-Milwaukee alliance in the offing?

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Anonymous said...

I was headed to the Zoo on Saturday morning, when I noticed a pile of debris at least two stories high on the County Grounds at the corner of Watertown Plank Rd and Highway 45. Sounds like the "disposal project" is already underway . . . if they haven't done so already, Wauwatosa and Brookfield residents must start connecting the dots back to their Republican legislators who made the Wauwatosa County Grounds and Brookfield Quarry dump sites possible.