Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WI Legislators Want More, Tax-Free Expense Money From Taxpayers

Free, Public Domain Image: Cook Or Chef Preparing DessertHonest-to-God - - you can't make this stuff up.

Assembly Republicans are considering raising how much the 99 members of their chamber can claim for expenses...

Most lawmakers receive $88 a day when they come to the Capitol to cover hotels and meals. Those who live in or close to Madison receive half that amount.
The per diem is not taxed, by the way, and legislators can claim it for simply stopping in at the Capitol and, say, check the mail - - even if there is no session and they have zero meetings.

How out-of-touch and arrogant can this bunch get?


Anonymous said...

Why does this surprise anyone? Soon they will give themselves raises because they are full time legislators. These are not people with integrity.

Anonymous said...

They will continue to cram this crap down our throats UNTIL we the voters say NO and vote them out.

As long as we let them use wedge issues to distract us from the important issues we will be ill served by their self serving agendas.

Remember they supposedly work for us.

We are not supposed to be a host organism for their parasitic behavior.

Anonymous said...

Based on their 'legislative agenda' I am willing to pay them $100/day to stay away! Shame on all of them.

Betsey said...

@Anonymous 7:50 AM:

I LOVE your idea!