Monday, December 3, 2012

Legislature Disrespects WI Tribes: Exhibit "A" - - Rep. Jeff Stone

Fine piece in the Wisconsin State Journal Sunday enumerating tensions arising from the State Legislature's dismissal of native tribes as partners on hunting and mining issues - - so let me offer the public testimony in March of State Rep. Jeff Stone, (R-Greendale) as Exhibit "A."

Stone said during a hearing months ago on the failed, industry-drafted Assembly mining bill - - a bill that mining interests still believe is the key to getting what they want in the new legislative session beginning in January - - that it is not the job of the state to provide the tribes with a seat at the table - - though the Bad River Ojibwe Band's land, water, wild-rice production and culture are directly downstream from the controversial Penokee Hills open-pit, mountain-top site Stone wanted approved.


Anonymous said...

Tell him to check the wording of the treaty. There is no arguing with the fact that the legislature has to have Native representation at the table.

Anonymous said...

Why would we expect racist members of the Legislature and their supporters to give Native Americans any consideration.

Take some time and go back and read hateful racist comments posted to this blog and others.

The day will come when the courts will again determine the rights and intentions of the existing treaties.

Like it or not the treaties are there and they will influence who has a say about mining in the Penokee Hills.

Anonymous said...

The treaty gives the indians the right to stop the mine and they were not even invited to the latest senate hearings. who is running these things anyway? racists?

Water Lily said...

Why would anyone expect a small-minded Babbit like Jeff Stone to even know about, much less respect, federal treaties that have been in place for decades and in some cases centuries? He's an ignorant man with no imagination--he just doesn't get it.