Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Ruse Schemed, Spun By Wisconsin Republicans

Just the other day Gov. Walker feigned concern for the workload of older election-day polling staffers as an excuse for his plan to end same-day voting registration - - coincidentally popular in Democratic strongholds like college towns and central cities where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan got whomped Nov. 6th.

I gave his proposal that no one asked for, and to which current poll workers and County clerks rejected four snares in my new, truthiness vetting service.

Now comes incoming Senate GOP Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald with another partisan move clumsily disguised as an innocent.

In the name of "balance," Big Fitz wants politically-appointed members to manage the state's ethics and elections panel, better known as the Government Accountability Board, instead of what's there now: a panel of non-partisan, retired Wisconsin judges established in a bi-partisan move some years ago.

Bi-partisan = balance, but don't force Fitzgerald to look for a dictionary.

So this is just what we need: politicians who run campaigns appointing contributors, friends and various associates to the very monitoring board that oversees politicians' campaigns and their behavior in office.

I give Fitzgerald's excuse-laden, self-interested and patently bogus imbalanced switcheroo three snares:



Anonymous said...

It gets to be so ridiculous that it is hard to even comment on it. These are some power crazed people, that is for sure.

JB said...

Only three?