Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ryan Working On Cheney-Like Position

Attention Wisconsin voters: How much added motivation is needed to defeat and retire Paul Ryan?

Counting his chickens a tad early, Ryan confirms to The New York Times that Romney will cede him huge authority:

...if the Republican ticket prevails, Mr. Ryan plans to come back roaring, establishing an activist vice presidency that he said would look like Dick Cheney’s under President George W. Bush. 


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how surprised Mr. Romney was to read this. As far as I can tell they only agree on one thing, they want to defeat Obama. Romney doesn't seem to be the kind of person to concede any power. And Ryan's experience probably won't be needed if the Senate and House go Republican. I predict that if elected, Ryan will be chief ribbon cutter.

Anonymous said...

i predict that he'll accidently kick a friend in the face while running a marathon.

Sue said...

I predict that he'll be disappointed to find that his boss, the Imperial President, has appointed a food taster.