Friday, November 9, 2012

Election Demographics Work Against Righty Radio, Too

Caught a few minutes of righty talk radio today. My reaction as the thrashing around over President Barack Obama's win goes on and on and on:

The same demographics election night that capped Republican turnout and cemented it as a fringe party nationally don't bode well for growing the talkers' audience.

There just aren't enough angry, aging white male listeners to make conservative talk radio a growth industry.

The more these conservative pundits talk past the majority and principally to each other, and appear on outlets like Fox to endorse each other's distorted opinions and flawed election predictions, the less relevant they and their echo chamber become.

If talk is cheap, it's getting even less valuable on right-wing outlets.

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Unknown said...

Right Wing Radio is like Fox: it is a product designed to separate idiots from their time and money, to suck their emotions dry, and fill them with addictive hate that keeps them coming back day after day for their fix. Pushers.