Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bill McKibben's Plea For Climate Change Action

Bill McKibben has been at this climate change education effort for 25 years. Maybe people will listen now.

It will be painfully easy to tell if President Obama is going to take a serious stab at doing something about climate change in his second term: The purest, starkest test he faces will be the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from the tar sands of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.


Anonymous said...

after 25 years of predicting the end of the world due to Carbon Dioxide, nobody listens anymore.

Dave said...

That's not much of a test. The Canadians are building a pipeline to the west coast so they can export oil from the sands to China.

Stopping Keystone will have no impact on the ultimate global CO2 emissions.

Might as well approve it and use the oil here.

James Rowen said...

Two things: The pipeline oil is ticketed for shipment from Houston to Asia by tanker.

And the trans-Canadian route has been blocked, I believe.

CJ said...

@Dave- It's Canada's oil. We'd just be doing the heavy lifting, taking on the environmental impacts and pollution.

Find out what it takes to move and process tar sands oil. Inform yourself of the energy impacts v.s. yields.

Why does everyone think Keystone is going to free up the USA's oil dependence?

It won't.

Anonymous said...

"The pipeline oil is ticketed for shipment from Houston to Asia by tanker."? Maybe you should look at a map, if you were going to ship oil to Asia from Canada you wouldn't go through Texas.

James Rowen said...