Friday, November 23, 2012

John McCain, Other Critics, Focus On African-American Officials

Leading Republicans and some of their supporters seem to focus their most-frenzied, obsessed and unhinged political and personal attacks on President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, and now UN Ambassador and possible Secretary of State appointee Susan Rice.

You can't escape the racial common denominator.


Anonymous said...

are you really that obsessed with race? you are truly an idiot.

Sue said...

I'm not so sure it's race either, but not because I think you're an idiot.
When you, as a leader of a political party whose membership you have trained to be easily frightened by anyone who doesn't think or look like them, go after a political party that embraces diversity because by being fair and open that party benefits from a deeper pool of talent (just for starters), you are naturally going to find many targets who fit the requirements needed to keep your members scared and voting. It has been productive in the past to use coded racial signals as part of a larger strategy that has recently grown to include sexist signals and anti-gay signals as well, to scare the folks that you, with the help of Fox News, have worked so hard to make susceptible to such things.
The folks in charge of the Republican party right now probably have racists among them, but more likely they're just assholes who for the last three decades have used racism as an effective tool and are freaking out now because the old model isn't working anymore and they don't know where to go from here.

Anonymous said...

Sure. It may not always be only racism. Racism is but one component of the divide and conquer strategy:

Label various groups as the 'other'.
Promote fear of the 'other'.
Pit groups of 'others' against each other.
Promote the idea of the 'other' attaining any position of authority as a direct threat to personal interests.

All are used as a distraction from the real abuse of authority.

It appeals to our most primal base instincts to pull together in a tight group of trust, for the purpose of protection of self, and self-sustaining resources.

There are many tools to utilize this strategy--racism, misogyny, homophobia--to name a few. They all appeal to the worst in us, and are antithetical to achieving a goal of an inclusive society striving toward achievement by, and benefit for all members of society.

It is to the benefit of the common good to point out the use of these base, negative, divisive tactics when found, and demand an end to their use as merely a means to divert us from the pursuit of positive ideals, and true freedom, that would benefit all.