Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ron Seely Serving Up Informative Tweets From Mining Hearing

If you're not on Twitter today, you're missing something:

Meyer on Bad River band downriver of mine: "Think about what you would do to defend the borders of the U.S. That's their homeland."
George Meyer: "If anybody tells you that AB426 does not weaken environmental regulations, they are not telling you the truth.


Anonymous said...

I watched the hearing on Wiseye and it seems pretty clear that there will be a new mining bill in January which will be designed to ensure that iron mining in northern Wisconsin will be permitted. It is also pretty clear that the new bill will not come out of this special committee. It will take the strong arm of Scott Walker and Scott Fitzgerald to get the bill passed over the unwarranted protests of the democrats, and they will not let the people down. And by the way, George meyer is totally wrong about AB426, and everything else.

Anonymous said...

George Meyer fails to realize that the tribes hate all white people and will do whatever they can to keep out any development which helps whites. There is no use in giving them any consideration since they have already decided against the whites. They do not control anything outside of their reservation boundaries and do very poorly about what they do within it. They have decided to separate themselves from the rest of the world and any mining will be done by avoiding them entirely. The EPA regulates mining and since there will be no impacts within the reservation boundary, their complaints will mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

Indians wake up every morning with one thought on their mind: “what can I do to piss whitey off today”. They are obsessed with this desire and hatred. This is why they speared walleyes to a zero take limit, killed elk, and now want to deer hunt at night, and oppose mining. George Meyer was too stupid to know this when he was head of the DNR and now Cathy Stepp will have to clean up the mess that he helped to create. Scott Walker and Cathy Stepp will not feed the indians hatred and ignore the interest of the citizens of the state like George Meyer did. Liberals are really, truly clueless.

Anonymous said...

The make believe mining committee isn’t even very good at going through the motions. The Republicans have their own bill ready to go and the votes to pass it. I can hear the sound of the blasting already, at a distance it is very similar to a drum.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What's with the paid trolls on these mining bill comments? The fact that these losers have such an arrogant and whiny attitude tells me there is much to fear from a bill like this.

And by the way, will NOT have the mining company write the bill this time? You may have a chance of keeping it from going down in flames that way. The more you talk, the worse you look.

So we DARE you to hang your hat on this one. That goes for both WisGOP, and the corporate slime paying these commentators.