Friday, November 16, 2012

Again, Rightwing Talk Radio Offers Selective Labor History

AM 620 WTMJ righty talker Jeff Wagner glossed over the facts yesterday when he discussed job creation at Mercury Marine's Fond du Lac's operation.

He said the workers agreed to take "a little less money" - - an object lesson he was applying to the announced closure at Hostess snack food plants nationally where workers have refused concessions.

You can decide if the Mercury Marine concessions amounted to "a little less money."

* Starting pay for new hires and recalled employees will be reduced from about $22 per hour to $12.50.
* New and recalled employees will pay a substantially higher share of their health care insurance costs.
*Paid holidays for new and recalled employees will be reduced from 13 to 11 per year.
* The company will determine when overtime work is mandatory, not the union.
And to end this tale of less-than-full-disclosure, Wagner didn't mention in the segment I heard the $123 million in state and local government grants, loans and tax credits made available to the company as part of the plan to retain the jobs - - much of the package cobbled together by then-Gov. Jim Doyle, (D).

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Sue said...

You forgot to mention that Mercury Marine pitted two workforces against each other - they gave the contract to the workers in Oklahoma when Wisconsin didn't fall in line, then snatched it away from the Oklahoma workers when the Wisconsin workers agreed to be screwed over to a sufficient degree.
I really don't think that fact should be left out when discussing this, ever.