Thursday, November 29, 2012

About That Iron Mining Company That Pulled Out

No it hasn't.

Iron mine still alive, Walker says

That would be this iron mining company:
"Senate rejection of the mining reforms . . . sends a clear message that Wisconsin will not welcome iron mining. We get the message," said a statement from Bill Williams, president of Gogebic Taconite LLC. "(We are) ending plans to invest in a Wisconsin mine." 
Don't you hate it when the official story changes?


Anonymous said...

This is great news for Wisconsin. Walker has obviously been accomplishing a lot behind the scene in order to come out with a statement like this. It can only mean that a bill is ready to be voted on, there are enough votes to pass it, and there is a company ready to make a huge investment in Wisconsin as a result.

Anonymous said...

The iron mine is dead. The native people have said no. The white racists who want iron and jobs and their pockets lined with frog skins will be driven out. They will be driven out by denying them jobs or game to hunt and fish. The native people have reserved this for themselves. Whites do not belong in northern Wisconsin, now leave.

Anonymous said...

I don't what to be happier about, the mining company coming to Wisconsin or the wolf kill soon topping 100.

I am thinking about taking a bunch of my white friends up north to get a mining job and do a little wolf hunting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:39

You would have to be dam lucky to get either one. A wolf or a mining job.

But if I had to place a bet i would guess you would stand a better chance bagging a wolf while watching the Packers in your hotel room. Than getting a "promised" mining job even if a bill is passed.

Bring bullets leave your work boots at home.
One would be necessary the other, not a chance!

Hint: leave the one with laces home.

Anonymous said...

The wolf Kill has now topped 100 and iron mining is going to start back up. Great news for Wisconsin.