Friday, November 16, 2012

End In Sight For Wisconsin Wolf 'Harvest'

The Wisconsin DNR notes that some wolf-killing zones will be closed down a tad early so hunters don't exceed the agency's so-called "harvest" of 116.

The unluckiest wolves are those caught in foot traps, then finished off with a .22 rifle shot at close range.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Who hunts with a .22?

James Rowen said...

If you read the highlighted article, you will see that the hunter mentioned killed her trapped wolf with a .22 shot - - which is the context for detail in the blog posting.

If you read the DNR's rules for wolf hunting, you will see that a .22 cal. rifle is the approved execution tool for a trapped wolf:

From the Q.& A. at the DNR site:

How can I kill a wolf I caught in a trap or cable restraint? Killing a wolf in a trap can only be done if a person has a valid, unfilled wolf harvest license and pelt tag, and
only by shooting the wolf with a firearm. While not a legal firearm for shooting a wolf while hunting, a trapper can use a .22 caliber rimfire rifle to kill a wolf lawfully caught in a trap.

Anonymous said...

I looks like the success of the wolf season will happen earlier than expected. Note that extra care is being taken to not exceed harvest goals, unlike the over spearing which closed down several lakes to catching and keeping walleye; or the unapproved killing of elk from a herd which is struggling to survive.

Those wolves who are caught in traps were most likely caught in traps before by wildlife researchers who routinely use this method. And yes, most trappers use .22s to dispatch trapped animals.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As stated above: trappers.

They don't want to destroy the pelt with anything larger caliber. Otherwise it would mean more work for the taxidermist to construct the trophy mount.

Water Lily said...

I posted the following comment to the JS online article. One more theory:

It's easy to see just how Wisconsin's wolf population grew to such numbers as to require "management." Prior to the wolf hunt's quota numbers being set by the biologists in the state legislature, estimates were 750 wolves, statewide. After the quota numbers had been established, but before the wolf hunt began, estimates were 850. On the 6th of Nov, at 8:35 a.m. in this comment string, Buckskin tossed out the number 1200. Yesterday, again here in the comments, MeanGreen5 says 2000. Now we get it: the more wolves we shoot, the higher the remaining population grows! It seems as if the wolf killers are learning math at the same place Wisconsin legislators have learned biology.