Friday, November 16, 2012

Walker Stands With Tea Party, Says "No" To WI-Created Health Exchange

Walker claims to fear federal mandates and "federalization" of the state's health insurance marketplace  - - so backs away and wimps out to leave it up to the feds to set up the structure and operation of the insurance purchase exchange that is required of all states by Obamacare.

Yes, wimps out, so obvious that Jeff Wagner this morning on WTMJ radio had to say that Walker told the feds to "pound sand." Oooh!

Walker was live on Sykes' program just after 11 a.m., being his ignorant-sounding self talking about "Democrat" governors, etc. And is saying Wisconsin already provides insurance availability to more than 90% of residents.

Following anti-government ideology instead of common sense - - state/local control of how the exchange would work also supported by health system businesses - - is the intellectual and political penalty of dancing to the Tea Party tune.

Who loses? Wisconsin residents looking for insurance options and flexibility.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

As I understand it, this might actually be a bit better outcome than if the Walker administration tried to run an exchange- an attempt that I feel certain would be marked by corruption, incompetence, and disdain at best.

Because in the ACA was a clause that allows the Obama Administration to create Federal exchanges to serve states that do not set up their own exchanges.

Not only does this move much closer to the so-called Public Option, it is much more likely to be run competently, as well as providing a much larger insurance base which helps to compete even more effectively on costs.

Anonymous said...

Zombie is right.

Keep Walker and his cronies as far away from health care exchanges as is humanly possible.

This will likely provide better options for Wisconsinites seeking health care.

It will surely keep out the corruption and incompetence that is the hallmark of anything the Walker administration touches.

mikeutzinger said...

It would be delightful if Senator Tammy Baldwin could take feedback from Wisconsin citizens and work with HHS to develop the Health Exchanges. If Walker wishes to abdicate representing the state in this manner, that diminishes him as governor.