Sunday, November 18, 2012

Walker & Co. Fail At Clean Air; Promise Clean Mining

Environmentally-sensitive mining?

Oxymoronic on its face - - but, seriously, from this crowd?

With multiple environmental fails? Don't insult our intelligence.


Anonymous said...

The native people will not allow the mine, period. They do not have to give a reason. They are the native people and that is all you have to know and honor.

Anonymous said...

The mining moratorium will be lifted in the January legislative session. No rivers will be destroyed, no rice beds will be damaged, no treaty rights will be violated and no streams of sulfuric acid will wash over the land. The alarmist wacko’s will once again be shown to be wrong and the hysterical protestors will be ignored. Local people will find jobs and the communities will once again flourish. The mining equipment manufacturers in Milwaukee will also prosper, bringing new jobs and wealth to that area. Tax revenue will allow for the expansion of schools and better salaries for teachers and public workers. Children will once again be able to find good jobs in the area where they grew up and contribute to the wealth and prosperity of our society. It will finally be a step in the right direction and we will be looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

There will not be any mining bills brought up in the legislature by the republicans until it has been assured that there are enough votes to pass it. That 18-15 majority is going to come in pretty handy and it will be a pleasure to see the smirk disappear from the faces of those gloating over the Obama and Baldwin victories in Wisconsin.

Once Scott Fitzgerald gets sworn is as the new majority leader, I am thinking that it won’t take too long to disband the pretend mining committee. Oh, that’s right, he has a history of doing this already. Cullen, jauch and Schultz must have their heads spinning around in circles trying to come up with a scheme to appear relevant. Instead, they will be unceremoniously emasculated by Scotts Fitzgerald and Walker. No hard feelings guys, just trying to get Wisconsin back to work: time to drop another “bomb”.

Looking forward to hearing those drums in the capitol.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Heck, I bet the folks paying you to lie on these pages are probably the same scumbags trying to steal our taxpayer dollars with this corporate giveaway. Much like with Walker, there really is no grassroots support for this thing- just Astroturf and legalized bribery

Bring it guys. This mine will doom WisGOP in Northern Wisconsin for years. Keep on believing that your gerrymandering gave you a mandate. It's the best way to guarantee these two years of GOP majority will be the last that exist in Wisconsin for a LOOOONG TIME.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker and Scott Fitzgerald now have a mandate from the people to restore mining to Wisconsin. They will waste no time doing it, and couldn't care less about the anti's. Don't like it?? then have a recall election!!!

Anonymous said...

the GOP was given a majority in the legislature along with a mandate to start iron and sulfide mining in Wisconsin, and they will not disappoint.

The indians shot themselves in the foot by overspearing walleyes and killing elk against the DNR rules, and they will first be ignored, and then run over like a steam roller along with the other anti's.
It might even be a good time for the state legislature to take a look at those other treaty "rights".

Anonymous said...

In Texas the state university system tuition is a fraction of the cost of Wisconsin universities. Why? Taxes on oil and natural gas subsidize the system.

Wisconsin would be foolish to not place a hefty tax on this non-replenished resource, one that will most likely end up in China anyway.

Anonymous said...

You white racists don't seem to get it. There will be no mining. Native people control the rights and will not allow mining. They do not have to do anything more to stop mining other than just saying no. This is the right they have. this right was not given to them. They reserved it for themselves. They have ultimate rights over all others.