Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Of The Country Club GOP Tickets

I'm not in the election prediction business, so don't look for any outcome bets from me.

But I guarantee this: If Romney-Ryan lose, it's the last country club pairing for the GOP.

Because all the demographics are against it.

Team Obama looks and reacts more like the America of 2012 than the Romney-Ryan America of the Eisenhower '50's.

And while the Electoral College could be the last national election firewall for rural, small-state power against the biggest states with their big, minority-majority populations, I think that's coming to an end, too.(See swing state, Nevada, for example).

Powerful GOP SuperPacs and the politically-active conservatives who finance them, like the Koch brothers, and the fear promoters like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage who handle the propaganda and histrionics are exclusionists who are trying to keep a grip on a disappearing status quo.

Mitt Romney represents the end of that line.


JB said...

I certainly hope so. We've heard enough from them.

A. Wag said...

Country club 'tickets'? I thought they were called 'memberships'!

Anonymous said...

Even if Romney and Ryan are elected we probably won't see a ticket like this again. Demographics are against it.

PJT said...

Texas will soon turn blue...

Anonymous said...

You really see Paul Ryan as the country club type?

You're really off on this stereotype.

Young college grads, including the one's who waved cell phones shouting "Hope and Change!" 4 years ago, see Ryan as someone of substance and confidence. They connect with him because the connection with the current Presidency never materialized. Their expectations went unfulfilled and they're realize "it" didn't get done in 4 years.

Nope on hope - strange no change (except the huge increase in the nation debt).

James Rowen said...

To the last Anon: Literary license aside - - and, at least at my Purple Wisconsin blog, one commenter said Ryan IS a member of the Janesville Country Club - - of course Ryan and Romney are comfortable with upper-income donors whose interests they are actively promoting in the campaign, legislation, think tank activity, etc.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the same be said for the collective power and CEO's of corporation like Solyndra or GM?